Undergraduate Student

Alan Yang

Alan Yang is investigating methods for automatic detection of gravity waves in the total electron content.

Ujwal Kiran

 Alex is working with Brian Harding on visualizing the ICON orbit.

Thomas Fischer

Thomas Fischer is developing a software (Python) package that provides a single, cohesive method for accessing data from the various GPS networks we use in our research.


Dominic Grande

Graham Ellinghausen

Shuo Liu

Shuo is working on implementing a predictive model for Dst.

Matteo Hoch

Matteo is performing calibration and validation of the DMSP SSUSI instrument using images from our ground-based imaging systems.

Brishen Hawkins

Brishen is working on the TEC response of the thermosphere/ionosphere to earthquakes.



Jake Tomaras

Jake is studying scintillation characteristics using ScintMons deployed in South America.

Chenshuo Yue

Chenshuo is studying field fitting to measurements obtained by networks of FPIs.


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