Tahiti: Day 4

I awoke again to the sound of bustling traffic. Another routine morning at this point in the trip. Scoff if you must Tim, but I think I've found a proper schedule here in Tahiti! I headed back to the lab in hopes of finally having a plan of attack for this new site. I spent the morning discussing importation ideas and the budget that IPGP had made for the installation of the system. Then there was waiting for the invoice of the steel/wood custom build. Lunch then came, I think it was the leftovers from earlier this week. Wong brought me a pineapple that he picked from the station; it was soft and very sweet - such a treat! We spent the remainder of lunch discussing possible ways to install the imager in the shed.

No conclusion was drawn so I waited for the invoice to arrive. Unfortunately, when it did, it was a little over budget. However this shed came pre-built and some money had been set aside for installation of the shed. Since this housing type seemed to be of better construction (read: more waterproof and sturdy) than the plastic and wood sheds, I thought it was worth spending the extra. Everyone agreed that this was the way to go. Wong also was certain that he could use a local construction company to get a cheaper installation cost and keep the total the same. I emailed Jonathan and waited to discuss our plan of attack. Soon after he answered and agreed with out game plan given IPGP was on board. So we have chosen; it is done! Right before closing time at the office! The site was picked out (site 1) and the type of housing used was chosen (steel/wood). Now we would have to wait to hear from IPGP for the final go-ahead on this project. But it looks like things are moving forward and this trip was very useful in getting everyone on the same page.
Before returning to my hotel to pack for the flight home, I "celebrated" with Anthony. We went back to the food trucks and got a delicious tuna sashimi dish. We then parted ways. But I would be in email contact with that lab soon enough to make sure everything continues to run smoothly for our imager installation.
I awoke very early Saturday morning, and went out to grab breakfast. I ordered a caramel crepe (which I'm told is a desert dish but i order it anyway) and fruit juice to end my tropical vacation. I drove my car to the gas station and airport without stalling once! After spending the last of my Pacific Francs, I boarded my plane and said goodbye to the pretty coral surrounded island. Nah-nah Tahiti!