Tahiti: Day 3

I was told that this winter had been particularly dry this year. Over two months with no rain. Glad that the weather decided it had enough of that for my third day here. Today the clouds really came in and with them more fog and light drizzle. I headed back to the laboratory to give my presentation and wrap up my stay there. I presented on airglow imagers over the pacific. They seemed very satisfied that we were working toward measuring tsunami amplitude using our imagers. They were not satisfied that it only worked during moon-down, clear nights and did not think that it could be an adequate warning system. This trip is just the first step in a better understanding the coupling between ocean and atmosphere and one day could lead to a greatly improved warning system.

Since we were fairly certain that site 1 would be the home of the PICASSO imager, I then went to the hardware store to look at wooden sheds for housing it. The wood housing was very expensive and large but seemed like the correct material for the job. After grabbing another pot filled with food for lunch, we went to another store to examine the plastic sheds. These were much cheaper and had flatter roofs, but they seemed leaky and was told that they could warp in the intense summer heat. Another two options were discussed after returning to the lab: 1. we could get a galvanized steel building custom made or 2. we could just funnel the AC into a small self-contained box with the imager. 2. could possibly even have a "shelf" built to elevate it. Since money is probably the driving factor for this, we will have to get a number tomorrow and finalize the plan then.
Another concern discussed was importation. Dominique called and was given three options: 1. free 6 month -> 1 year import, 2. 45% 4 year import, 3. natural disaster plan = donate equipment and it is free to send there. The 2-year carnet would have to be looked into tomorrow as well since it seems the better than the three options, unless it is now off the table. Another detail to finalize tomorrow.

Dinner was more exciting today; I ate from a food truck on a plaza. BBQ swordfish steak and fries and french bread. I was sitting in the rain by choice but that was not acceptable and they moved me under the tarp of the truck. I'll definitely be going back to that square tomorrow after the imager details are finalized...