There are a wide variety of courses at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for students interested in remote sensing and space sciences.  Depending on what aspect you are interested in (optics, radio, signal/image processing, etc.), you will want to take a different set of courses.  Below is a partial listing of specific courses that our students have found useful in pursuing their interest in remote sensing at ECE Illinois, both at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Undergraduate and Graduate Courses

Course Title
ECE 329 Introduction to Electromagnetic Fields
ECE 310 Digital Signal Processing
ECE 437 Sensors and Instrumentation
ECE 450 Lines, Fields, and Waves
ECE 453 Radio Communication Circuits
ECE 454 Antennas
ECE 456 Global Navigation Satellite Systems
ECE 458 Applications of Radio Wave Propagation
ECE 460 Optical Imaging
ECE 463 Digital Communications Laboratory
ECE 468 Optical Remote Sensing
ECE 491CU1/CU2 Cubesat/Nanosat
ECE 520 Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating Systems
ECE 523 Gaseous Electronics and Plasmas
ECE 534 Random Processes
ECE 540 Computational Electromagnetics
ECE 544 Topics in Signal Processing
ECE 547 Topics in Image Processing
ECE 549 Computer Vision
ECE 551 Digital Signal Processing II
ECE 558 Digital Imaging