Faculty and Students

The Airglow and Irregularities Research Group is a vibrant setting for both undergraduate and graduate students. Our students tackle a wide variety of problems, running the gamut from ionospheric physics, to imaging processing, to instrument characterization and design. Group alumnae go on to a variety of careers, both in academia and industry.

Current Research Group

Jonathan J. Makela, Professor (jmakela@illinois.edu)

Jonathan J. Makela received his B.S. (1999) and Ph.D. (2003) from the School of Electrical Engineering at Cornell University. After completing his Ph.D. he spent two years in the Thermospheric and Ionospheric Research and Applications group at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC as a post-doctoral research associate. He joined the faculty at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign at the end of 2004 where he is currently a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Curriculum Vitae


Mark Butala Visiting Research Scientist Assistant Professor at Zhejiang University-University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Joint Institute
Jianqi Qin Visiting Research Scientist Research Scientist at Illinois
Zama Katamzi-Joseph Visiting Fulbright Scholar South African National Space Agency
Pierdavide Coisson Post-Doc Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (Associate Physicist)
Narayan Chapagain Post-Doc Tribhuvan University (Associate Professor)
Luis Navarro Post-Doc Research Scientist at University of Colorado Boulder
Hossein Bagheri Post-Doc Motorola Mobility (Wireless Engineer)
Daniel Fisher Ph.D. 2017; M.S. 2013; B.S. 2010 Northrup Grumman
Brian Harding Ph.D. 2017, M.S. 2013 University of California at Berkeley
Timothy M. Duly Ph.D. 2014, M.S. 2011 ASTRA, LLC
Yiyi Huang Ph.D. 2012 Citadel Investment Group
Ethan S. Miller Ph.D. 2009 The Johns Hopkins University Applied Research Laboratory
Kristina Chu M.S. 2019 LGS Innovations
Aaron Smith M.S. 2018 NASA Glenn Research Center
Matthew Grawe M.S. 2017, Ph.D. 2021 Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Doyoun Kim M.S. 2017 Qualcomm
Dimitrios Iliou M.S. 2016 MathWorks
Thomas Gehrels M.S. 2013 Rincon Research
Uday Kanwar M.S. 2011 Intel
Peter R. Hedlund M.S. 2010 The Johns Hopkins University Applied Research Laboratory
Shaun Armstrong M.S. 2008 Northrop Grumman
Daniel Yao M.S. 2008 Citadel Investment Group
Dwayne Hagerman M.S. 2007 Indesign, LLC
Shuo Liu B.S. 2015 Graduate School at the University of Illinois
Chenshuo Yue B.S. 2015 California Institute of Technology
Robel Arega B.S. 2014 State Farm
Shawn Adderly B.S. 2011 IBM
Richard Muryanto B.S. 2011 Motorola Mobility
Nicholas Yap Jiunn Ter B.S. 2011 Graduate School at Stanford University
Madi Zholbaryssov B.S. 2011 Graduate School at the University of Illinois
Isankar Saikia B.S. 2011 Graduate School at the New Jersey Institute of Technology
Balaji Tummala B.S. 2011 Deloitte
Sameeraj Ilapavuluri B.S. 2010 JPMorgan Chase
Michael DeJesus B.S. 2010 Graduate School at Stanford University
David Ho B.S. 2010 Graduate School at the University of Illinois
Divey Gulati B.S. 2009 Epic Systems Corporation
Daniel Slowinski B.S. 2009 Motorola
Jonathan Goh B.S. 2008 Citigroup
Tomasz Wojtaszek B.S. 2007 Graduate School at the University of Illinois
Peter Johnson B.S. 2007 Naval Aviation Schools Command
Jason Readle B.S. 2006 Graduate School at the University of Illinois
Zach Widder
Ujwal Kiran
Thomas Fischer
Sarah Shim
Matteo Hoch
Joy Chen
Jake Tomaras
Jailun Liu
Graham Ellinghausen
Dominic Grande
Derek Chen
David Lauschke
Brishen Hawkins
Brian Chien
Alan Yang